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Eva Björndal

Eva Björndal

Interim Director, Research Management & Innovation Directorate

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Eva Björndal is the interim lead for the Research & Researcher function and has operational responsibility for the Research Management and Innovation Directorate (RMID).

Eva has over 20 years of Research Management experience, having worked for the European Commission in Brussels before leading the Grants Management Office at The Karolinska Institute in Sweden and then joining King's College London in 2018 to lead Post-Award Administration and later Award Administration for Pre- and Post-Award.

During her time at the Karolinska Institute, Eva led on work packages in two EU-projects on research support capacity building in some African and Asian countries. Between 2010-2016 she was a member of the Research and Innovation planning group of the Nordic Association of University Administrators (NUAS) and since 2010 she has been an active member of National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) serving as Chair of NCURA’s International Region twice and as a member of the Select Committee on Global Affairs, the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, and on the Professional Development Committee. Since 2021 she has been on the NCURA Board of Directors and was recently re-elected by the international community to serve another two-year term. 

Eva has a Batchelor of Arts in Philosophy from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.