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Before coming to King's, Fredrick was an Irish Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellow at the School of Politics and International Relations at the University College Dublin. Prior to that, he was a Research Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex. He studied development policy at the Open University UK, an MPhil in Development Studies at Massey University New Zealand and a BSc at Egerton University Kenya.


His ongoing research focuses on land, property rights and political violence in Kenya, and is currently developing a research area on principal-agent problems within decentralised administrative units in Kenya. His research addresses questions like how does recurrent violence affect groups settlement and their property rights? What is the property rights outcomes from previous cycles of political violence; does groups relocation because of violence produces reallocation of land rights to secure forms to match the emerging settlement patterns? and how do different ethnic groups collaborate to increase the level of accountability among political leaders in decentralised units?


  • Economics of Crime
  • Comparative Political Systems
  • The Political Economy of Organised Crime


  • Irish research Council Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • New Foundation Fellowship


  • Kenya’s 2022 General Election: Some Thoughts on Peace and Stability. Fredrick Ajwang and Geofrey Lugano. The Elephant
  • Ajwang, F., Arora, S., Atela, J., Onyango, J., & Kyari, M. (2022). Enabling modernisation, marginalising alternatives? Kenya's agricultural policy and smallholders. Journal of International Development.
  • Ajwang, F. (2020). Responsive regulation and its implications for smallholder participation in the Kenyan Fresh Fruit and vegetable export value chain. The European Journal of Development Research, 32(4), 1288-1311.
  • Ajwang, F. (2020). Relational contracts and smallholder farmers’ entry, stay and exit, in Kenyan fresh fruits and vegetables export value chain. The Journal of Development Studies, 56(4), 782-797.

Ongoing work

  • Sons of soil under siege? Political Violence and Property Rights Outcome in Kenya
  • Elections, Partisan Identify and Perception on Property Rights Access. Experimental Evidence from Kenya.
  • Ethnicity, Policy Exuberance and Voter Behaviour in the 2022 Kenyan Elections.
  • Information Access and Strategic Voting. Experimental Evidence from Kenya.