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The Global South Research Group brings together scholars engaged in research on international political and economic trends, non-European perspectives, and south-south comparisons.
The group is immensely diverse in terms of geographical focus and disciplinary expertise. It includes economists, theorists, historical institutionalists, political sociologists and quantitative political scientists.

Professor Jeroen Gunning is the co-ordinator of the Global South Research Group. 

The Graduate Assistant for the Research Group for 2023-24 is Daniel Alves.

Research Areas

  • Revolutions and political movements
  • Markets, culture and transnational governance
  • Education policy
  • Peace, conflict and tolerance
  • Racism
  • Religious mobilizations
  • Justice
  • Inequality
  • Institutions and aid
  • Political Ideology and identity

Upcoming events

All workshops in person on Wednesdays, 11.00-12.30, in Bush House North East 8.19


19 June         

Prof Jeroen Gunning, KCL. Discussant: Dr Portia Roelofs.
Rethinking the state as ‘nested fields’: theorising from everyday security practices in Beirut’s Southern Suburbs              

5 June                         

Nii-Saki Barnor, KCL. Discussant: Dr Alberto Vesperoni.
PhD Presentation: Blockchain as a Catalyst for Economic Growth: A Knowledge Commons Perspective on Ghana's Land Administration

30 May

Department of Political Economy Distinguished Lecture
Prof Juliet Hooker, BrownBlack Protest in the United States: Democratic Sacrifice, Rioting, and Refusal.

29 May  

Prof Shatema Threadcraft, Vanderbilt  W.E.B. DuBois, Ida B. Wells and Toni Morrison's Democratic Storytelling.

22 May

Prof Femi Taiwo, CornellAfrica's Second Struggle for Freedom: What's Decolonization Got To Do With It?    

8 May

Workshop discussion on decolonisation – email for details of two prompt articlesDiscussion facilitated by Prof Jeroen Gunning.

25 March

PhD Seminar 

Co-hosted with the Contemporay Marxism Research Group

Diego Macias Woitrin, PhD Researcher, EIS, KCL
Workers’ organising in Mexican export-agriculture: building farmworkers’ power amidst informality along Global Commodity Chains.

20 March

Dr Devika Dutt and Dr Ingrid Kvangraven - KCL Dept. International Development
Decolonising Economics: Theory and Pedagogy

Discussant: Dr Maia King, DPE, KCL

6 March

Prof Amrita Dhillon, DPE, KCL

The political economy of activism
Discussant: Dr James Scott, DPE, KCL

21 February

Global South Departmental Seminar - 3.30-5pm BHNE 9.03

Dr Edalina Sanchez – Lisbon
Political representation Africa: Insights from the case of Ghana

7 February

Guest presenter: Dr Julia Chukwuma- Lecturer in Economics, Open University
Public-Private Partnerships and the Financialisation of Healthcare in the Global South

24 January

Dr Claire Crawford, DPE, KCL and Dr Aasim Khan, IIIT-Delhi
Theorising the “Digital South”: Resisting a statist discourse


29 November

Which Political Conditions Underlie the Success and Failure of Equity-Enhancing Reforms? Evidence from Brazil

Presenter: Daniel H. Alves
Discussant: Dr Jonathan Leader Maynard

15 November

“Theorising Police Fetishism: From Revolutionary Egypt to Black Lives Matter”

Presenter: Dr Mike Farquhar

Discussant: Dr Sarah Bufkin


Other events:

25 October

Alternatives to War: Voices for Peace and Justice in Palestine and Israel

Speakers: Mariam Barghouti; Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom; Yara Eid; Dr Imad Karam; and Prof Robert Wintemute

6 November

Brazilian Inequalities: Identifying Challenges, Seizing Opportunities
Joint webinar with INSPER, São Paulo
Presenters: Dr Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos and Dr Alysson Portella
14.00-15.00 (London), 11.00-12.00 (Brasília) Contact: Daniel Alves: