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Giovanni Amati

Research Assistant


With a BSc in Psychology from Leiden university and an MSc in Clinical Neuropsychiatry from King’s College London, Giovanni is an aspiring clinical psychologist and mental health researcher. His journey began as an assistant psychologist in an in-patient care unit specialising in rehabilitating patients with idiopathic schizophrenia and bipolar type I disorder. This experience ignited his fascination with psychosis, leading him to embark on a comprehensive systematic review of psychosis phenomenology in multiple sclerosis as well as becoming a research assistant in the CAN-PDP trial, which investigates the potential of CBD in addressing psychosis associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

As Giovanni prepares for his future doctoral programme or PhD, he is diligently searching for a guiding light to navigate impactful research that can bridge the realms of psychology and psychiatry, all with the overarching aim of advancing more effective treatments for psychosis. His dedication to improving the lives of individuals with mental health challenges drives him to push the boundaries of knowledge and he is committed to making significant strides in the field.

Research Interests

  • Cognitive restructuring using immersive virtual reality for people with psychosis.
  • Exploring distinct psychotic symptoms as key indicators of specific neurodegenerative processes.
  • Exploring novel classes of antipsychotics.