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Giulio G Colazzo

Mr Giulio G Colazzo

PhD Student in Banking & Finance

Research interests

  • Banking & Finance


Project Title: Endogenous dynamics and self-fulfilling expectations: implications for monetary policy

Year of Entry: 2022, Full-Time

Supervisors: Professor Gulcin Ozkan, Professor Leone Leonida

Giulio Colazzo has undertaken a PhD at King's Business School. Prior to joining King's College, Giulio obtained a Bachelor degree, MSc and second level master respectively from the University of Warwick, London School of Economics and Luiss. He worked as a journalist for an Italian newspaper, with which he published hundreds of articles and occasionally continues to collaborate, and served as trainee research analyst at the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance.

His academic and professional experiences have let him develop a deep research interest and solid research expertise in the field of macroeconomics and monetary economics. Recently, in late 2021, Luiss University entusted him with the task to provide a thorough scrutiny of the debate on how to improve the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)'s economic governance framework. The paper was then published by the Luiss School of European Political Economy (SEP) as SEP Policy Brief 15/2021.