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Jez Littlewood

Jez Littlewood

Visiting Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Policy
  • Security


Jez Littlewood is a senior analyst in the Government of Alberta (Canada) with extensive experience in research and strategic policy analysis, policy development and implementation at international, national, and sub-national levels.

He previously served as a member of faculty at Carleton University's Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (2007–2018) working on arms control, terrorism, and national security issues.

Prior to moving to Canada he served on secondment to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office to support the Biological Weapons Convention (2005–2007), completed post-doctoral research at the Mountbatten Centre for International Security at the University of Southampton (2002–2006) and served on the Secretariat of the Biological Weapons Convention Ad Hoc Group between 1998 and 2001 at the United Nations in Geneva.


  • National security
  • Arms control and disarmament
  • Biological weapons, biodefense and biosecurity


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