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Joanna Bright

Joanna Bright

Research Assistant


I am a research assistant in Dr Tom McAdam’s lab looking at the intergenerational transmission of psychopathology using genetically informed models. I run the Children of Twins Early Development Study and am completing my PhD part time. My PhD work looks at how parenting behaviours and externalising symptoms are associated throughout development, when we control for genetic effects.


Previously I completed my BSc in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology with Industrial Experience at the University of Manchester. I then spent 2 years running the ENIGMA-Parkinson’s neuroimaging consortium from the University of Southern California.

Research Interests

  • Intergenerational transmission
  • Parenting
  • Externalising behaviours
  • Genetics

Research Groups

  • McAdams group
  • Anti-racism working group
  • Benzo Research Project (external)

Expertise and Public Engagement