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Joel-Rabinovich (1)

Dr Joel Rabinovich

Lecturer in International Political Economy


I hold a PhD from Sorbonne Paris Nord and joined the Department of European & International Studies (EIS) at King’s College in September 2022. Before, I lectured international political economy at City, University of London.

My research focuses on corporate financialisation in advanced and peripheral economies drawing on interdisciplinary approaches. I’ve also worked as a consultant for the Argentine Ministry of Health and collaborated with the NGO, SOMO (Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations).


My research focuses on the changing mechanisms that define the generation (both in terms of income and expenses) and use of funds in the nonfinancial corporate sector with special attention to finance, global value chains and the increasing intangibilisation of business models. So far, my research has focused mostly on firms from advanced economies but it is increasingly turning to the peripheries, specially Latin America. My approach is mostly interdisciplinary and draws on heterodox economics, international political economy, and critical accounting. Methodologically, I rely primarily on quantitative methods applied to large firm-level databases.

Research interests

  • Corporate financialisation
  • Global value chains
  • Intangible assets
  • Linkages between financial and productive subordination in the peripheries
  • Development of Latin America

PhD applications

I welcome applications for PhD topics related to any of my research interests.

Latest publications

Rabinovich, J. and Pérez Artica, R. (2022). Cash holdings and corporate financialisation: evidence from listed Latin American firms. Forthcoming in Competition and Change.

Auvray, T., Durand, C., Rabinovich, J. and Rikap, C. (2021). Corporate financialization’s conservation and transformation: from Mark I to Mark II. Review of Evolutionary Political Economy, 2(3), 431–457,

Stockhammer, E., Rabinovich, J. and Reddy, N. (2021). Distribution, wealth and demand regimes in historical perspective. USA, UK, France and Germany, 1855-2010. Review of Keynesian Economics, 9(3), 337-367.

Rabinovich, J. (2021). Financialisation and the supply-side face of the investment-profit puzzle. Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, 44(3), 434-462.

Rabinovich, J. and Pérez Artica, R. (2020). El aumento de los activos financieros en firmas de América Latina. ¿Un caso de financiarización?. Realidad Económica, 49(333), 113-140.

Rabinovich, J. (2019). The financialisation of the nonfinancial corporation. A critique to the financial turn of accumulation hypothesis. Metroeconomica, 70(4), 738-775,

Auvray, T. and Rabinovich, J. (2019). The financialisation-offshoring nexus and the capital accumulation of U.S. non-financial firms. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 43(5), 1183-1218,