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Ms Kahee Jo

Postgraduate Research Student

Research interests

  • Policy and society
  • Politics
  • International relations
  • International development


Kahee is a PhD student at King's Department of International Development. She is currently researching on institutions and political settlement in industrialisation in developing countries under the supervision of Dr. Nahee Kang and Professor Peter Kingstone. Her interest is in institutional change which critically affects the typology and nature of industry in emerging economies. 

Kahee finished her MSc degree in International Development: Industry, Trade and Development at IDPM, University of Manchester in September 2013. Her dissertation was on the competitive advantage in the Indian IT service sector. She also holds a BA in Political Science and International Affairs at Ewha Womans University, Korea. Kahee studied International Relations at Tsuda College, Japan for one year in 2007 as an exchange student funded by the college.

She worked for Korea Institute of Public Administration as a research assistant prior to joining IDI and participated in several ODA projects of the Korean government to empower government capacities in Rwanda, Ghana, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Laos. She was also involved in future studies in the institute, e.g. generation studies and future mega trends.  


Nahee Kang (primary), Peter Kingstone (secondary).


Please fell free to contact Kahee: