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Dr Leila Rastegar

Research associate


Dr Leila Rastegar develops analytical methodologies by using Liquid-Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC- MS/MS) techniques to support the research in anti- doping science within the DCC, commanding a good work ethic and to be an advocate for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) on all occasions. Providing recognised specialist analytical expertise for the LC-technologies where the primary focus is on operating both as an individual and in a team, they contribute to the smooth running of the DCC and conduct confirmation procedures and/or validation as required by the Head of the Drug Control Centre.

They are responsive to changing priorities within an evolving environment /context, maximising the efficiency of the analytical service being provided. Fostering a stimulating, innovative and inclusive cultural environment across Kings Forensics enabling colleagues to thrive and develop, ensuring that processes and policies are followed and are visible, accessible, and transparent.