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Maria Halås Lisøy

Maria Halås Lisøy

School Programmes Manager (Professional & Continuing Education)


As the School Programmes Manager (PACE), Maria Halås Lisøy works alongside the School Education Manager to lead, develop and line manage a new team supporting online and executive/leadership education programmes. She develops, monitors and supports the delivery of high-quality client relationships and student experience, and ensures that service delivery issues are addressed, and resources are utilised.

Responsibilities further include working with the team on setting objectives and meeting these in a timely fashion and contributing to team building and leadership within the wider School Education Team. Maria also works closely with all relevant stakeholders and maintains up to date knowledge of programme and College regulations, providing accurate guidance to colleagues and students as required and ensuring all quality assurance processes are followed.  

Finally, Maria contributes to strategic planning, the design and implementation of new systems and processes and programme development and delivery; ensuring the provision of a high level of service to both students and staff. She also works on the harmonisation of processes and procedures in collaboration with the School Education Manager and the wider Education Team. She is responsible for the effective distribution of education support across these programmes and the quality of service provided.