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Miaofang Guan

Miaofang Guan

PhD Student

Research interests

  • Political Thought
  • Politics


Miaofang is a joint PhD candidate between the University of São Paulo and King's College London.

She joined King’s in 2023 and is affiliated with the Department of Political Economy and the Brazil Institute. Her PhD research focuses on political polarisation on a global scale. Specifically, her studies employ cross-national survey data to investigate the psychological aspects behind people’s political opinions and voting behaviours.


  • Comparative Politics
  • Public Opinion
  • Political Behaviour
  • Political Communication 
  • Political Psychology


Miaofang uses global survey data to examine political polarisation from the voters’ perspective. In her first paper, she investigates the role of social media in shaping people’s perceived polarisation and fear of civil wars.

Her second paper, co-authored with Prof. Damien Bol, studies how sentiments towards political parties drive people’s voting strategies. In her third paper, she will investigate the emotion of fear as a political divisor for policy preference.

Miaofang Guan, Fabrício H Chagas-Bastos, Marislei Nishijima, Winning Hearts and Minds: Soft Power, Cinema, and Public Perceptions of the United States and China in Brazil, Global Studies Quarterly, Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2023, ksad029,


Miaofang is a GTA of:

4SSPP103 Introduction to Comparative Politics

5SSPP206 Research Methods for Politics