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Mireille Kouyo

Mireille Kouyo

PhD student

Research interests

  • Human Rights
  • Politics
  • International relations


Mireille is a joint PhD student with the African Leadership Centre and the University Pretoria. She holds a MSc in Human Rights and International Relationship Roehampton University and a Bachelor of Art in History from Paris Diderot 7 (University of Paris).

Outside of her faculty, Mireille co-organised the workshop in April 2021 titled: “Decolonising the Researcher”. She facilitated the DTR Reading Group sought to create a space where researchers and practitioners discuss, reflect and consider what it means to conduct decolonial work in higher education and in their discipline. These projects were funded by LISS-DTP. 


Thesis Title: 'In the name of ‘local sovereignty’ Peace from below through a leadership lens. A lesson from Côte d'Ivoire'

Mireille's thesis explores the empirical reality of what local actors are doing at the grassroots level and seek to understand the relationships between actors in the process of building positive peace.

PhD supervision

Further details

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