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Please note: this event has passed

The SSPP Decolonisation Curriculum is hosting a two-day event on 'Drawing decolonisation: Arts, AI, and Decolonisation' on 5 and 6 June. Join Amrita Daguspta, Dr Christoffer Guldberg and Mireille Kouyo to reflect on the opportunities and challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Arts.

This event is a call to action. It is an invitation to engage with the arts and AI as a powerful medium for social change, to challenge the status quo, to refine the narrative of decolonisation. Register now to be part of the conversation that shapes our collective future.

Day 1: Rhythms of reflection

5 June, 18:00-21:30 BST at The Exchange

Immerse yourself in the vibrant opening day, with a showcase of art produced by King's students during our workshop held in November 2023. The evening will also feature a keynote speech to reflect on the opportunities and challenges in the fields of Arts and Artificial Intelligence. Experience the raw emotion of live performances including poignant poetry readings.

The evening will culminate in a musical performance by Aluá Nascimento and Luiz Morais from Alvorada Choro on percussion and acoustic guitar, with guest star Vicky Yuan Labarre on flute together with the Regional do Grafton Brazilian music collective, celebrating the rich tapestry of Afro-Brazilian genres.

This immersive experience will highlight the visual and auditory aspects of decolonial art, reflecting the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the participants and the methods developed by Christoffer Guldberg and Amrita Dasgupta.

The event will conclude with a drinks reception.

Day 2: Panels

6 June, 14:00-18:30 BST at Bush House (NE) 1.04

The exhibition continues with an intellectually stimulating day of panel discussions focusing on decolonisation, Arts and artificial intelligence (AI). Experts from academia and activism will lead four panels, exploring the intersection of visual methods and AI in decolonising education and activism.

Gain unique insights into the perspectives on higher education, exploring how academic institutions can become catalysts for change and inclusivity.

14:00-14:55 BST - Panel 1: Decolonisation in higher education

Objective: Introduce and discuss decolonisation as a practice that goes beyond the curriculum and focuses on practice inside and outside of the university.

15:00-15:55 BST - Panel 2: Visual and digital (de)colonisation

Objective: Explore how digital tools and visual art can be used to challenge and disrupt colonial narratives and representations in the digital age.

16:15-16:55 BST - Panel 3: Reclaiming and remembering through art and visual methods

Objective: Discuss the potential of art for challenging colonial narratives and reclaiming subjectivities.

17:00-18:00 BST - Panel 4: Beyond the Workshop – AI and the future of decolonial education and activism 

Objective: Examine the implications of integrating digital decolonial methodologies into the broader educational and political landscape.

This event is open to public, however, places are limited.

To share about the event on social media, please use the following hashtags: #DecoloniseAI #Drawingdecolonial #DecoloniseAcademia #ArtsforJustice #PoetryforChange #UncomfortableKCL.

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