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Mohammed completed his PhD at University College London (UCL, 2012), followed by a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Pretoria, South Africa (2013-2015), and a Junior Research Fellowship at UCL Institute of Advanced Studies (2015-2016). Since August 2017 he is the Wellcome ISSF Research Fellow at the Department of Philosophy, Birkbeck College, University of London. (Prior to the PhD, Mohammed read philosophy of mental disorder at King's College London.) 

Research interests and PhD supervision

  • Philosophy of psychiatry
  • Philosophy and politics of recognition 
  • Philosophical psychopathology

Mohammed's main research is in philosophy of psychiatry where he has examined a number of topics including the boundaries of illness, definitions of concepts of mental disorder and distress, the diagnostic process in psychiatry, empathy and understanding in 'schizophrenia', and the phenomenology of delusions and hallucinations. He is currently researching concepts and politics of identity and recognition in the context of analysing and responding to demands made by certain strands of mental health activism.



Topics around the philosophies of medicine and psychiatry at postgraduate level.

Expertise and public engagement

Welcomes inquires relating to issues in philosophy of psychiatry.


Selected publications

  • Madness and the Demand for Recognition: A Philosophical Inquiry into Identity and Mental Health Activism (book; out with Oxford University Press in 2018).
  • Rashed, M. A. (2017). In Defence of Madness: The Problem of Disability. Journal of Medicine & Philosophy.
  • Rashed, M. A. (2015). A Critical Perspective on Second-Order Empathy in Understanding Psychopathology: Phenomenology and Ethics. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 36 (2), 97-116.
  • Rashed, M. A. (2015). Islamic Perspectives on Psychiatric Ethics. In J. Sadler, C. W. van Staden, K. W. M. Fulford (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Psychiatric Ethics. Oxford University Press, USA.
  • Rashed, M. A., & Bingham, R. (2014). Can Psychiatry Distinguish Social Deviance From Mental Disorder?. Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, 21 (3), 243-255.