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Dr Naho Mirumachi is Reader in Environmental Politics at the Department of Geography. Trained in political science, international studies and human geography, she has research interests in the politics and governance of the environment, particularly water.

Her research brings together thinking on political economy of international transboundary river basins, security and geopolitics over natural resources, particularly in developing country contexts.

With over 15 years of experience, she has published extensively and is the author of Transboundary Water Politics in the Developing World [(Routledge 2015) and co-author of Water Conflicts: Analysis for Transformation (Oxford University Press 2020).

Naho convenes King’s Water, an interdisciplinary research hub on water, environment and development, extending collaboration with international research networks, policy makers and the cultural sector. She has experience in training over 200 policy makers and professionals on water security and water cooperation.

Naho recently served as lead author on freshwater policy for the 2019 UN Environment GEO-6 report and currently working on the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report.


  • Transboundary water conflict and cooperation
  • Water governance
  • Environmental security
  • Framing of natural resources management
  • Institutions for environmental governance
  • Power and environmental discourse
  • Scale and agency

Stemming from her research interests in the politics of natural resources management, Naho examines three inter-related themes: institutions of water allocation; power and environmental discourse; scale and agency. 

She has fieldwork experience in the Orange-Senqu River basin in Southern Africa, Ganges River basin in South Asia, and the Mekong River basin in Southeast Asia, and most recently Tanzania. 



PhD supervision

Naho would be interested in discussing potential PhD topics such as:

  • Transboundary water conflict and cooperation
  • Water governance
  • Water security, environmental security
  • Low carbon development

Further details

See Naho's research profile