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Nikolay Gromov graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University in January 2005. He obtained his PhD in École normale supérieure in co-tutelle with Saint-Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute in November 2007. He held postdoctoral positions between 2007-2008 in CEA Saclay in France, and between 2008-2010 in DESY and Hamburg University, Germany. In April 2010 he joined King’s College as a Lecturer in Theoretical Physics, and was promoted to Reader in September 2014, followed by promotion to Professor in 2018.

Research interests

Professor Gromov's research interests include different approaches in non-perturbative Yang-Mills theory. The first approach is devoted to confinement/deconfinement phase transition and is based on classical configurations, generalizing the instantons.

Another approach is based on the remarkable duality between the N = 4 super-symmetric generalization of 4D Yang-Mills theory and 10D string theory in the AdS5 x S5 background. Integrability allows one to write down the equations describing exactly the spectrum of these theories and easily reproduce very complicated perturbation theory calculations.

Further information