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Olive Backhouse

Mr Oliver Backhouse

PhD Student

Research interests

  • Physics


Oliver graduated with a first class honours in Chemistry from the University of Manchester and completed an MChem project under the supervision of Professor Paul Popelier, where he  investigated the transferability of small water clusters for use as training sets in the FFLUX force field. After graduating, he joined Dr George Booth's group at King's College London. Oliver's research focuses on the development of theory and methods for use in quantum chemistry and their efficient implementation. He has made contributions to the open-source PySCF program, implementing a method for calculating charged excitations in molecules using Green's function perturbation theory, called AGF2.

Research interests

  • Quantum chemistry
  • Electronic structure theory
  • Many-body perturbation theory
  • Implementation and algorithms in quantum chemistry

PhD supervisor

Principal supervisor: Dr George Booth