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Professor Oscar Marín FMedSci FRS

Professor Oscar Marín FMedSci FRS

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Professor of Neuroscience

Director of the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology. Director of the MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Research subject areas

  • Biomedical and life sciences
  • Neuroscience

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My lab investigates the development of the cerebral cortex in health and disease and our research largely focuses on cortical interneurons. The cerebral cortex is one of the most complex neuronal systems in the brain and much of this complexity emerges from interaction of two distinct neuronal types, glutamatergic projection neurons and GABAergic interneurons. We believe that our research may contribute to understanding the aetiology of some of the most devastating psychiatric disorders, such as autism or schizophrenia. I also lead the Department of Developmental Neurobiology and the MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, which manages the MRC-Sackler PhD Fellowship Programme. I regularly engage with the community outside science through media interviews and offering input to science policy and public awareness forums.

Please see my Research Staff Profile for more detail.

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Key collaborators:

  • Beatriz Rico, King’s College London
  • Nenad Sestan, Yale University
  • Declan Murphy, King’s College London
  • Philip McGuire, King’s College London