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Pantelitsa Dimitriou

Pantelitsa Dimitriou

Research Associate

Research interests

  • Chemistry


Dr Pantelitsa Dimitriou is a Research Associate in the Wallace Group in the Department of Chemistry, King's College London.

Pantelitsa received her BSc (Physics) from the University of Leicester, in 2017. She then went on to receive her MSc degree (Bioengineering) from the University of Nottingham. In 2023 she completed her PhD at Cardiff University, where she focused on the design and fabrication of 3D-printed, droplet-producing microfluidic devices that produce platforms applicable to cancer screening and synthetic biology.

Research interests

  • Fused Filament Fabrication and VAT Polymerisation 3D-Printing Technologies
  • Droplet and Multiple Emulsion Microfluidics
  • Bottom-up Artificial Cell Construction

Her current research explores the combination of droplet-microfluidics, multiple emulsions and hydrogels in the formation of artificial bacterial envelopes.

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