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Professor Didier  Bigo

Professor Didier Bigo

  • Academics

Professor of International Relations

Research subject areas

  • Conflict and security
  • Politics
  • International relations

Contact details


Didier Bigo is part time Professor at King’s College London, Department of War studies

He is Research Professor of International Political Sociology at Sciences-Po Paris-CERI, France.

He is additionally director of the Centre for study of conflicts, liberty and security (CCLS) and editor of the quarterly journal "Cultures & Conflits" published by l'Harmattan

He is one of the co-editor of the newly PARISS (Political Anthropological Research on International Social Sciences) journal, Brill, 2019, as well as founder and previous co-editor with Rob Walker of the ISA journal « International Political Sociology ».

He is currently the responsible of the KCL-WP on the professionals of security of the FP7 Source; and co-PI for France of the international ORA project GUARDINT : “Oversight and intelligence networks: Who guards the guardians?” 2019-2022. GUARDINT is the follow up of the ANR on surveillance after Snowden- UTIC.

Research Interests

International Political Sociology: transversal lines, reframing the study of International Relations

  • Epistemology and modalities of observation of field of practices
  • Sociogenesis of academic institutions and forms of knowledge

Transdisciplinary Approaches to (in)security studies: topics

    • Democratic boundaries and Data Politics
    • Freedom, Mobility, Prevention and Surveillance in the Digital Age
    • Sociology of Border controls, Biometrics identifiers and Databases interoperability
    • Human Rights and Antiterrorist policies: exploring suspicion and exception
    • Travellers, Migrants and Refugees: transversal biographies



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  • Bigo Didier (2017) Michel Foucault and International Relations edited by Didier Bigo, Philippe Bonditti, Frédéric Gros, Palgrave
  • Bigo, Didier. (2016) International Political Sociology: Rethinking the International through dynamics of Power. In Transversal Lines, edited by Tugba Basaran, Didier Bigo, Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet and R. B. J. Walker: International Political Sociology series.


  • Bigo, Didier, et Emma Mc Cluskey. « What is a Paris approach? Deconstructing security ». In Oxford Handbook of International Security, édité par Alexandra Gheciu et Williams C Wolforth. Oxford U press, 2017.
  • Bigo Didier. (2016)."Sociology of Transnational Guilds." International Political Sociology 10, no. 4: 398-416.
  • Bigo, Didier. (2016). Rethinking Security at the crossroad of International Relations and Criminology. British Journal of Criminology, 56 (6): 1068-1086
  • Z Bauman, D Bigo, P Esteves, E Guild, V Jabri, D Lyon… Repenser l'impact de la surveillance après l'affaire Snowden: sécurité nationale, droits de l'homme, démocratie, subjectivité et obéissance - Cultures & Conflits, 98- été 2015 p133-166. Translation and update of the collective article co-written by Zygmunt Bauman, Didier Bigo ,Paulo Esteves, Elspeth Guild,Vivienne Jabri,David Lyon and R. B. J. Walker : After Snowden: Rethinking the Impact of Surveillance International Political Sociology Volume 8, Issue 2, pages 121–144, June 2014. Translated also as   "Após Snowden: Repensando o Impacto da Vigilância."  Revista ECO-Pós 18 (2):8-35.