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Roberto Vergara

Professor Roberto Vergara

Teaching Fellow


Roberto Vergara, currently serving as a Teaching Fellow in Physiotherapy, brings a wealth of expertise in critical care and cardiorespiratory medicine. Holding an MSc. in Human and Applied Physiology from King's College, an MSc. in Clinical Exercise Physiology, a BSc. in Physiotherapy, and a postgraduate diploma in Physiotherapy and Ventilatory Support for Critically Ill Patients, Roberto's academic journey reflects his dedication to advancing the field. With a robust background of seven years in academia and clinical teaching, he plays a pivotal role in shaping innovative and evidence-based physical therapy education.

Roberto is committed to facilitating the seamless transition of knowledge and skills between academic and practical domains, providing mentorship, and steadfastly supporting students. His research pursuits delve into the physiological responses and limitations of exercise in cardiorespiratory conditions.