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Sam van Elk

Dr Sam van Elk

Lecturer in Management and Organisation

Research interests

  • Public Services Management & Organisation




Sam van Elk is a Lecturer in Management and Organisation. His research interests centre on the management of austerity and other wicked organisational problems, and the role of values in coordination, particularly in these tricky situations. Put bluntly, he's interested in how we do or don't find ways to work together when times get tough. So far, he's focused this work on healthcare, cultural organisations, and local authorities.

His key areas of expertise include:
- Austerity management
- Values and moral struggles in organisations
- Coordination in organisations, including co-creation
- Text and discourse analysis
- Healthcare management

In a previous life, Sam was an NHS manager, running a variety of projects and programmes in major hospitals before coming to King's to do his PhD. His research interests today are partly driven by the puzzles and concerns he and other public servants faced and continue to face. Sam is Module Leader for Research Methods in Public Policy and Management (MSc) and Government & Business (undergraduate).

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