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Tore Pedersen Bilde Stort

Professor Tore Pedersen

Visiting Professor


Tore Pedersen is Professor of Intelligence Studies at NORDIS: Norwegian Defence Intelligence School. He is formerly Dean and Director of the Centre for Intelligence Studies at NORDIS and currently Chief Research Scientist / Research Professor. He is also appointed Professor of Psychological Science at Oslo New University College, Norway.

Prior to NORDIS he served at the Norwegian National Institute of Occupational Health, first as Director of Governance and Compliance, then as Research Director and Deputy CEO. He was Visiting Research Fellow at the Service Research Centre, Karlstad University, Sweden, and Visiting Professor at the Department of Informatics and Computer Science, University of Oslo, Norway. At King’s College London he is currently Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Department of War Studies within the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy.

Professor Pedersen has held memberships and appointments in various international academic organizations, such as: American Psychological Association (APA), Association for Psychological Science (APS), Swedish Psychological Association (SPA), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), International Studies Association (ISA), and the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE). He is formerly Norwegian National Representative to the EU organizations PEROSH and CORPUS, and currently member of the external advisory board for the ERASMUS-funded IMSISS Program.

He holds a Norwegian National accreditation as Military Intelligence Specialist, and he is Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) UK. Alongside peer-reviewing and editorial roles in academic journals he has served in a number of National and International academic evaluation committees.


  • BSc in Social Sciences, University of Oslo
  • MSc in Innovation Management, Karlstad University
  • MSc in Cognitive Psychology, Karlstad University
  • MA in Literary Nonfiction, University of South-Eastern Norway
  • PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Karlstad University
  • National Accreditation in Educational Science, University of Oslo
  • National University Management Program, Universities Norway


Research Interests

Professor Pedersen’s research interests encompass broad aspects of the Psychology of Judgment and Decision-Making:

  • Individual Judgment and Social Influence: experimental and empirical research on judgment and decision-making related to predictions of (consumer) utility and satisfaction
  • Institutional and Policy Decision Making: research on organizational judgment and decision-making in order to research-inform institutional policy-making
  • Human – Technology Interaction: experimental research on human judgment and decision-making when interacting with technology
  • Intelligence and National Security: experimental research on judgment and decision-making in the intelligence domain, mainly in intelligence analysis, directed towards disclosure of potential cognitive biases

He has been engaged in psychological science as a ‘stand-alone’ empirical academic discipline that tests hypotheses to refine existing theories and develop new theories in psychology per se, but he is increasingly valuing psychological science as a ‘partner’ in interdisciplinary research, offering other types of empirical data to provide complementary perspectives.



Book chapters:

  • Haugom, L., Hemmingby, C. & Pedersen, T. (2021) Analysing with Artificial Intelligence. In L. Haugom, S. Stenslie & B. Vaage (eds), Intelligence Analysis in the Digital Age. Routledge.


Research articles:


Policy papers:


Media articles:



Intelligence and Security

The King's Intelligence and Security research group provides a platform for sharing research and ideas in the field of intelligence.


Intelligence and Security

The King's Intelligence and Security research group provides a platform for sharing research and ideas in the field of intelligence.