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Travis has an MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University and a BA in History from the University of California at San Diego. His past research has focused on foreign support to counterinsurgency campaigns and amnesty programs for insurgents as a tool of Western counterinsurgency.

Doctoral Research

British Intelligence on Colonial India's North-West Frontier in the 20th Century

Intelligence was a key component of colonial power on India’s north-west frontier until the very end of the Raj in 1947. Despite this, there has been little scholarly attention on the role of intelligence in how the British managed the varied threats to their control on the frontier in the 20th century and its role in the crafting of policy and operations. By tracing the evolution and modernization of the British frontier intelligence bureaucracy—primarily in the form of the Peshawar Intelligence Bureau—its place in colonial administration and policy debates, and how authorities in London and India conceived of its proper role, this thesis will show that frontier intelligence was considered a far more critical aspect of and played a much larger role in maintaining British power on the frontier in the 20th century than previously appreciated. By doing so, this thesis intends to advance our understanding of British intelligence activities along the frontier beyond the Great Game and into the broader context of British political and military decision-making and intelligence development of the time.

Research Interests




Stability Operations

British India’s North-West Frontier


Dr. Huw Dylan, Dr. Rudra Chaudhuri