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Xiaochuan Tong

Mr Xiaochuan Tong

PhD Student

Research interests

  • Accounting & Financial Management


Supervisor: Professor Alex Preda, Dr Andrew McFaull

Research Group: Accounting & Financial Management

Project Title: Trading behaviour in online markets

Year of Entry: 2017, full-time

Xiao Chuan Tong has studied and worked in lively cities across the world, including London, Boston, Shanghai and Beijing. His research interests relate to topics of behavioural finance, quantitative investment strategies, high-frequency trading and market microstructure.

His current research focuses on behavioural finance - particularly, on the sociological aspects of behavioural finance - how does a complex human system affect the behaviour of investors and asset prices. His research has broad implications on investments, mechanism designs and regulations.

His teaching interests are closely aligned with his research and work experience, including amongst others, behavioural finance, asset pricing, corporate finance and accounting & financial management. He has obtained teaching experience in corporate finance and management accounting at King’s Business School, King’s College London.

Research Group