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Policy Hub

King's College London produces a wide range of corporate documents to ensure that the University is effectively managed in accordance with its Charter and Statutes, legal requirements and standards of best practice.

Policy Hub is a central repository for policies, procedures and other key documents which determine the governance of the University. Further corporate information can be found on our Governance pages.

Please visit our policy updates page to stay up to date with policy developments at King's. For Policy Hub queries, please email



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Policy and procedure outlining the process for handling concerns related to academic misconduct.

Academic Regulations ensure the academic integrity of the university and form the framework for the student academic experience, including learning, teaching and assessment.

Regulation to assist academic staff in reaching and maintaining required standards of performance.

Regulation setting out the procedure to be followed when the standards of conduct expected by the university are not met.

Regulation pertaining to dismissal of academic staff on grounds not covered by other specific regulations.

Regulation to provide academic staff with access to a fair procedure for addressing grievances relating to their employment.

Regulation relating to academic staff pertaining to incapacity on health grounds.

Regulation pertaining to probation procedures for all academic staff.

Regulation pertaining to redundancy procedures for members of academic staff.

Statements outlining the University's approach to accessibility of online content in support of equality, diversity and inclusion policies.

Policy outlining university processes to ensure fair, transparent and consistent admissions practices.

Policy outlining the provisions for adoption leave and pay and surrogacy arrangements.

Policy and procedures to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism and proceeds of crime legislation.

Policy outlining how applicants to the university can make a complaint regarding the university's admissions processes or services.


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Policy updates

Details of newly approved and recently updated documents on Policy Hub.

King's Academic Manual

Academic regulations, policies and procedures applicable to all King's College London students.


Guidance on document types within Policy Hub.