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External Peers & Specialists

External Specialists

The role of an External Specialist is to provide expert subject advice at the design stage of a programme.

The specialist will be invited to comment on the proposed programme, which will include considerations such as:

  • Academic standards
  • Relationships with any subject benchmark statement and/or relevant professional regulatory or statutory body guidelines
  • Potential market for the programme.

The department may require the External Specialist to attend meetings with them, in addition to correspondence by written and other means.

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External Peers

External Peers are appointed on a two-year contract in the first instance, with the possibility of renewal for a maximum of one further two-year period.

The role of External Peers in programme approval is to take an overview of the process and to ensure that appropriate attention is given to the setting and maintenance of academic standards during the process.

For programme reviews an External Peer will be a full member of the review panel and will carry out this role in accordance with College procedures.

At the end of their contract External Peers will be asked to provide a report on their experience and to suggest any areas for further improvement.

For guidance and information on duties click here.


Please note the eligibility requirements to work (RTW) in the UK.

External Peer Nomination Form

Payment - External Specialists and Peers

Payments & Expenses