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External Examiner Nominations

The full criteria for selecting a nominee for appointment as an External Examiner for the College can be found in the Assessment Boards, External Examiners and Committee Procedures.

Please note the eligibility requirements to work (RTW) in the UK.

Following your nomination to be an External Examiner at KCL, you will receive a request to verify your right to work in the UK via our appointed provider - TrustID.


Following informal approach and discussion:

  1. External Examiner completes Section A - D of the nomination form
  2. Assessment Sub-Board Chair completes Section E of the nomination form.
  3. Assessment Board Chair authorises the nomination form.
  4. Nomination form sent to for approval by the Chair (or their nominee) of the Academic Standards Sub-Committee and for a check of eligibility to work in the UK.
  5. Nomination confirmed by Chair of Academic Standards Sub-Committee within one month of authorised nomination and College level induction information supplied.
  6. Assessment Sub-Board provides local induction.

Forms must be submitted via our institutional email address (the confirmation emails from the External Examiner and Assessment Sub-board Chair must be attached to the authorisation email from the Assessment Board Chair).


Tenure of appointment

  • The appointment will normally commence at the start of the academic year when the term of the previous External Examiner comes to an end.
  • External Examiner appointments are normally* made for a period of four years, with the maximum extension period of one year (any extension must be applied for using the extended tenure form).

*five years for Part Boards of Examiners in MBBS and BDS.