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Autism VR CBT

One of the VR CBT scenarios includes arriving to class with teacher and students all staring at you

In this VR application, autistic adolescents are immersed into social situations which they typically find difficult to manage in real life. Set in a school setting, the therapist chooses from a set of scenarios which have been developed with service users with lived experienced of autism and social anxiety. This includes being called into the headteacher’s office, teasing, or being invited to a party by peers. During each session, the therapist can alter parameters such as ambient noise and crowdedness to manipulate social stimulation. This VR application will be accompanied by CBT to allow participants to gradually gain confidence and skills in managing social situations.

Coming into the headteacher's office
By the school lockers and looking down a corridor busy with children
Project status: Ongoing

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The project is currently recruiting trial volunteers please get in touch if you would like to help with this research.