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The Virtual Reality Lab (VR Lab) is a world-leading multidisciplinary group dedicated to VR based research, assessment and treatments to improve mental health, enhance well-being and promote resilience. Our work spans across different groups and conditions and integrates VR with other technologies including wearable devices, AI and mHealth applications.

The VR Lab is led by Dr Matteo Cella with the support of Dr Clem Edwards (incubated projects), Dr Tom Ward (PPI and transdiagnostic projects) and Jerome Di Pietro (lead VR developer)

A graphic outlining the various VR Lab projects along an interwoven path of Training, Prevention, Treatment and Mechanisms

Group leads

Contact us

For research collaboration inquiries, please note that our ability to take on new projects is currently limited.

If you are preparing a funding application and are interested in a collaboration, include your deadline and specific request.

For commercial partnerships, media, education, training, or questions about our VR products, we will direct your query to the best person in the Lab and they will respond as soon as possible.


VR Lab Drop-in - Book a time

The VR Lab Drop-In provides a designated time for staff to engage with VR technology, offering hands-on experience with VR equipment and the chance to try some of our applications. The session facilitates discussion on the potential integration of VR into your research projects and explores opportunities for future collaboration.