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The Centre for Sustainable Business is more than a research centre; it's a catalyst for change, inspiring the convergence of business, society, and the environment in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

The Centre for Sustainable Business is an inclusive and forward-thinking hub dedicated to addressing one of the most pressing questions in modern business: "How can businesses effectively transition to socially and environmentally sustainable practices?" While the past two decades have seen a wealth of research on the 'why' of sustainable business, the Centre pivots towards a solution-driven approach, focusing on the 'how.'

With a strong commitment to inclusiveness, the Centre brings together a broad array of stakeholders - from academia, industry, public sector, and civil society - to drive meaningful changes. We believe that interdisciplinary research and collaboration are key to shaping a more sustainable and equitable business landscape. By intertwining the insights of diverse disciplines, we strive to generate actionable insights and policies that not only redefine business practices but also contribute to the global sustainability agenda.


The Centre for Sustainable Business contributes to the King's College London mission of making the world a better place by specifically focusing on the way in which responsible business can contribute to this goal.


  • Broad collaboration. We seek to work with a range of partners – across King’s, our London partnerships, businesses, other Universities, UN PRME and NGOs to ensure the quality and relevance of our work.​
  • Engaged scholarship. We encourage methods that focus on impact and that are designed to engage actively with the problems we seek to solve​. 
  • Listening to unheard voices. We seek to include important voices – for example in business supply chains, or SMEs – that have not been heard in the discussions about responsible business. 


  • Research excellence, building upon and accelerating our research in four critical areas: consumption sustainability, sustainable business systems, sustainable finance, and leadership for sustainability.
  • Research impact at local, national and international levels. This involves working with partners in business, the public sector and civil society to influence positive change.
  • Knowledge exchange. We envisage a role as convenors of an important conversation to inspire and ignite change at the level of individuals, organisations and systems.
  • Education. Nothing changes without learning. We develop innovative educational material based on our research, with a renewed focus on executive education as a driver of positive impact. 

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