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Carers in psychosis


Carers in psychosis: developing a virtual reality communication intervention [CLEAR]

This virtual reality (VR) training package has been developed to support positive family communications for individuals with severe mental health conditions. These conditions, such as psychosis, often involve distressing experiences like delusions and hallucinations, which affect how individuals communicate and behave with their families. The VR experience, set in a common home scene, allows participants to observe and interact with a mother and son, making choices on how the mother should respond to different situations while viewing the scene from different perspectives.

This innovative design aims to address the challenge of effectively communicating with individuals experiencing severe mental health conditions. By providing a safe and interactive virtual environment, families and informal carers can learn and practice communication strategies to navigate the complexities of these conditions. The VR experience serves as a platform for psychoeducational discussions and offers insights into the consequences of different approaches. By better understanding how to communicate and support their relatives, families can improve their interactions and potentially contribute to the overall well-being of individuals with severe mental health conditions.

Project status: Starting

Principal Investigator