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The Mental Health & Neuroscience Clinical Trial Statistics Group is led by Professor Ben Carter and situated at the Denmark Hill Campus within the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry & Neuroscience (IoPPN).

Our mission revolves around the meticulous methodological oversight of clinical trials in mental health and neuroscience. We have an unwavering commitment to the development of trial designs which possess the resilience to provide answers to pivotal clinical inquiries. We operate in close collaboration with clinical colleagues spanning King's Health Partners (KHP) and the broader UK clinical academic community.

We are dedicated to increasing capacity in clinical trial statisticians at the IoPPN while assuring robust clinical trial quality – a commitment firmly rooted in the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

The team is part of the King's Clinical Trials Unit (KCTU) collaboration. We adhere to relevant Standard Operating Procedures managed by the KCTU Quality Assurance team.

We are organised into the following themes:

  • Hepatology and Addiction Science (Ben Carter, Francesca Maher, Kimberley Goldsmith, Hassan Jafari)
  • Affective Disorders (Ben Carter, Kirsty James, Dominic Stringer, Kimberley Goldsmith, Megan McGovern, Meredith Martyn, Nick Beckley-Hoelscher, Danielle Edwards)
  • Eating Disorders (Ben Carter, Kirsty James, Dominic Stringer, Kimberley Goldsmith, Sabine Landau, Meredith Martyn)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Ben Carter, Richard Emsley, Kimberley Goldsmith, Kirsty James, Dominic Stringer, Harper Clees-Baron, Sabine Landau, Oliver Pearson, Nick Beckley-Hoelscher, Danielle Edwards)
  • Global Mental Health (Kimberly Goldsmith, Megan McGovern, Richard Emsley, Sam Cross)
  • Persistent Physical Symptoms (Kimberley Goldsmith, Kirsty James, Sabine Landau)
  • Psychosis (Richard Emsley, Callum Glen, Hassan Jafari, Dominic Stringer, Anca Chis Ster)
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Ben Carter, Richard Emsley, Sabine Landau, Meredith Martyn)
  • Neuroscience (Francesa Maher, Ben Carter, Kirsty James, Dominic Stringer, Petrina Chu, Nick Beckley-Hoelscher)
  • Public Health (Ben Carter, Meredith Martyn, Petrina Chu, Francesca Maher, Anca Chis Ster)