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Ego-Media (2014-2019) studied the impact of new media on autobiographical narratives: an impact increasing as habits and practices of self-presentation evolve rapidly in response to constantly fast-changing technology. It analysed how autobiographical forms and discursive practices were being transformed at the frontier of technological change; and considered the implications of the new forms and practices for such notions as autobiography, selfhood, subjectivity, individuality, self-intelligibility, agency, creativity, privacy, and sociability. Based in the interdisciplinary Centre for Life-Writing Research in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at King’s College London, it combined a humanistic, life-writing theory approach with interdisciplinary methodologies, in collaboration with researchers from English, Sociolinguistics, Psychiatry, Culture Media and Creative Industries, Digital Humanities, Medical Humanities, and others.


Professor Max Saunders was Ego Media's Principal Investigator. He was joined by Professor Clare Brant, who with Max co-directs the Centre for Life-Writing Research,  socio-linguist Professor Alexandra Georgakopoulou and Professor Leone Ridsdale as Co-Investigators.

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