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A versatile instrument for liquids and solids

Equipped with Avance NEO console

  • 1H, {13C/15N/31P} solution-state QNP probe
  • 1H, 13C 4mm HR-MAS probe
  • 1H, X 4mm CP-MAS probe tunable from 15N-31P on the X channel
  • 1H, {13C/15N/31P} E-free flat coil probe

The 400MHz NMR spectrometer is available for operation with a variety of probes to offer a wide range of applications. An inverse coil QNP room temperature solution-state NMR probe is available for routine analysis of small molecules in solution. Additionally, several solid-state NMR probes can be used to investigate various types of solid samples. A 4mm double resonance 1H/X CP-MAS probe allows users to investigate all nuclei from 15N-31P on the X channel allowing analysis of a wide variety of samples from materials, polymers, pharmaceuticals and biological samples. A 4MM HR-MAS probe allows for metabolomic analysis intact tissues. A static E-free flat coil probe is ideal for oriented biological samples, such as lipids.

400 MHz NMR spectrometer
400 MHz NMR spectrometer

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