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FinWork Futures is an interdisciplinary research centre investigating the future of financial work and the challenges and opportunities that new technologies raise for the financial professions.

Technological change on a global scale is reshaping expert financial knowledge and practices. It is transforming the nature of financial work and the character of financial professions, from auditors and accountants to fund managers and traders. This transformation poses significant challenges with respect to how we understand expertise, the ethics of professions and the regulation of professional work.

We investigate the future of financial work in relation to the global rise of digital technologies, the impact of which is felt across sectors, professional groups and organisational hierarchies. Our research sheds light on the work of those who produce, use and regulate digital tools in finance: variously resisting or embracing them, but nonetheless altering global financial landscapes in the process.

We aim to harness King’s Business School’s academic expertise on finance, technology and work practices, whilst fostering collaboration with other areas of the College, such as the Dickson Poon School of Law.

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