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Heartwood. Voices from environmental education: Academic research meets head, heart and hands

Published in July 2023, the essay collection shares a year-long project aiming to capture and distil some of the learnings and debates from the MA module 'Environment, Sustainability and the Role of Education' taught within the School of Education, Communication & Society.

Staff and students coproduced their environmental education-related research projects into digestible chapters and images to communicate new understandings beyond the gates of the university.

The authors of the extended essays have previously been, or currently are, students exploring environmental education, either as part of the MA in STEM Education or as part of their PhD programme. All have participated in the 'Environment, Sustainability and the Role of Education' MA module, with the majority going on to complete their dissertation research projects in the area.

This book is aimed at colleagues, friends, family and neighbours, as it shares important academic thinking on environmental education in an accessible and engaging manner.

The chapters are grouped under the themes of: educators’ perspectives, young people’s perspectives, and the role of organisations. Each section comprises two extended essays and a review.

The final chapter draws out key themes and threads which were observed during the writing process and reflect on the meanings they have in our work within environmental education and beyond.

Table of contents

Foreword - John Owens  

Chapter 1: Distilling the heartwood of academia - Melissa Glackin  

Exploring educators’ perspectives 

Chapter 2: Trees, bees and girls with muddy knees: What can an awareness of gender offer Forest School educators? - Shirin Hine  

Chapter 3: The frontline of environmental education: What can educators’ perspectives teach us? - Heather Tierney  

Chapter 4: Reflections from an educator’s perspective - Matthew Rose  

Exploring young people’s perspectives 

Chapter 5: A question of authenticity - Rasha Jomaa  

Chapter 6: TikTok, TikTok: Is time running out? - Aylin Ozkan  

Chapter 7: Reflections from a youth perspective - Samrena Antwi   

Exploring the role of organisations 

Chapter 8: Doing less to ‘achieve’ more: Making the space for transformative environmental education - Sophie Perry  

Chapter 9: Are universities doing enough to embrace education for sustainable development? - Angelina Samanya   

Chapter 10: Reflections on organisations from an academic’s perspective - Paul Vare  

Chapter 11: Heart-led reflections - Melissa Glackin, Shirin Hine, Sophie Perry 

This publication was funded by WIPRO STEM education funding and King’s College London, School of Education, Communication & Society’s Research and Impact fund (2023).

Project status: Ongoing