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The King’s MechanoBiology Centre provides a common platform for FoLSM researchers with complementary interests to explore further the role of mechanobiology in the development, function and pathomechanisms of tissues and organs. We aim to develop new technologies, animal and cell models, tools and resources and most importantly, intellectual synergy in order to address these key questions:

  • How do cells sense and respond to mechanical forces, and how do the forces they generate feedback on the cell?
  • How are these processes modulated by the extracellular matrix, cell contacts, environmental factors, genetic modifiers, and ageing?
  • How can we translate knowledge from these key areas into better mechanistic understanding of key pathologies, building on FoLSM links with clinical-academic expertise in our KHP partners?

The KMBC will also foster younger researchers already at King’s and hopes to attract young talent to King’s, on Fellow or permanent appointment level. 

Group leads