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Molecular regulation of cell behaviour during muscle regeneration and disease.

The Knight group aims to understand how cell behaviour is related to tissue regeneration and stem cell function with a focus on muscle. We use a variety of advanced imaging approaches to observe and manipulate cells in vivo (zebrafish), ex vivo (mouse) or in vitro (human) in order to develop complex models of gene function and cell behaviour. These allow us to make predictions about gene function in the control of muscle, immune and connective cells during tissue repair.    

In the video below, Dr. Knight explains how he aims to identify genes and molecules that control how cells behave during regeneration in order to inform the development of new therapies for tissue repair. He uses a powerful combination of live cell imaging and molecular genetics to test how specific genes control immune and stem cells to induce healing. 

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Dr Robert Knight
Centre for Craniofacial Development & Regenerative Biology

Floor 27, Guy's Tower WingGuy's Hospital