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London: A home for young people?

London: A home for young people? is a research impact project that aimed to amplify young people’s voices in decision-making about urban and housing regeneration in London. It brought together young people and decision makers to discuss solutions to some of the challenges young Londoners face as a result of regeneration projects in the city.

The project involved a series of four workshops that took place in the summer of 2023 which were attended by young people (16-25 years) and decision makers and practitioners from the housing, local government and voluntary sectors.

Participants discussed and agreed on recommendations for change in policy and practice covering three themes that were chosen by the young people as priority issues. These were: (1) Dignified homes; (2) Responsible regeneration; and (3) Access and opportunities. You can read about the project and the recommendations in our final report in the PDF below under Reports.

The project built on research findings from Dr. Rana Khazbak’s PhD (2017–2020) which examined the impact of social housing regeneration on the wellbeing of young people in London.

London: A home for young people? was a collaboration between King’s College London, The Advocacy Academy, My Place, Hackney Quest and the Young People Action Group (London’s Violence Reduction Unit), Partnership for Young London and the Greater London Authority Peer Outreach Team.

The project was funded jointly by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and King’s College London, as part of Rana’s ESRC postdoctoral fellowship in 2022-2023.

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Project status: Completed