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Longing is Good - proof-of-concept for a novel psychological intervention to tackle self-blaming emotions

The purpose of this project is to inform a new psychological intervention to alleviate self-blaming emotions in major depressive disorder (REC Reference Number: HR/DP-20/21-21550). This proposed intervention makes use of emotion-induction methods, which allow participants to learn how to change from one emotional state to another (i.e. self-blame to sadness, sadness to longing). A previous MSc project proposed that shifting from self-blame to sadness results in a reduction of depressive feelings.

This study aims to investigate the hypothesis that shifting from self-blame to sadness and finally to longing (i.e. a yearning desire, when referred to the past, nostalgia can be considered a synonym) will result in a decrease in guilt and depression.

Eligible for this study are those who fall under the inclusion criteria, as listed below:

  1. Fluent in the English language
  2. Aged 18 or above
  3. No previous (or current) mental or physical health conditions
  4. High levels of self-reported 'worrying to have done something wrong'

Please note: At all times your data will be handled and stored in a confidential and secure manner, following GDPR guidelines. Personal data (e.g. email addresses) will be stored separately in a password-protected and encrypted file and only the research team will have access to it.

In order to take part in the study, you will have to fill in this screening survey to confirm your eligibility. This should take less than five minutes.

If you wish to receive additional information or if you have any doubts and require clarifications, please feel free to contact Nahed Lajmi.