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Small molecule accurate mass determination

Small molecule samples up to 2000Da can be injected onto a UPLC and separated to be sent to the MS for accurate mass determination to within 5 ppm, or MS/MS for structural elucidation. Air and moisture sensitive compounds can be infused directly into the MS, bypassing the LC, if required.

Intact mass of proteins

Samples are injected onto a UPLC and separated to then go into the MS. Peaks are deconvoluted and an intact mass is calculated.

Reaction Monitoring:

Ex-situ analysis of samples from reaction mixture to monitor progress.


Identification and quantification of volatile, semi-volatile and thermally stable organic compounds. Especially useful for small non-polar compounds which may not dissolve in the polar solvents used in LCMS. Samples can range from reaction products to metabolomic analysis, and be targeted or untargeted.


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