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A multi-centre randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of enhanced motivational interviewing with usual care for reducing cardiovascular risk (MOVE-IT)

The MOVE-IT trial was an NIHR HTA funded study designed to test whether motivational interviewing delivered by health trainers reduces cardiovascular risk in patients who receive a risk score of 20% or more in NHS Health Checks.

Methods: Participants consenting to participate were randomised to either usual care, ten individual sessions of motivational interviewing or ten group sessions of motivational interviewing. Participants initially received six sessions in six weeks, with further maintenance/booster sessions at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, supporting patients over a considerable time period as they engaged in health behaviour change. In addition, the study followed participants for up to 24 months from the beginning of the intervention.

Hypothesis: The study hypothesised that a group intervention to increase physical activity and increase weight loss will be more effective than one-to-one sessions, by offering the additional component of peer support and encouragement.

Setting: A total of 135 general practices across all 12 South London Clinical Commissioning Groups were recruited.

Participants: A total of 1742 participants aged 40–74 years with a ≥ 20.0% risk of a CVD event in the following 10 years were randomised.

Results/Conclusions: Enhanced motivational interviewing, in group or individual formats, targeted at members of the general population with high CVD risk is not effective in reducing weight or increasing physical activity compared with usual care. Future work should focus on ensuring objective evidence of high competency in behaviour change techniques, identifying those with modifiable factors for CVD risk and improving engagement of patients and primary care.

Project status: Completed
The MOVE-IT team

Principal Investigator