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AI and data science: supporting our changing societies

King’s offers a highly collaborative environment where artificial intelligence (AI) and data science are informed and influenced by emerging thinking on society, healthcare, science and the humanities. Our centres of excellence are each multidisciplinary and interlinked. They leverage the rapid rise in machine learning, data science and AI to help shape our changing societies. We are investing in the foundational research and capabilities needed for future digital innovation. We are strengthening the interfaces and partnerships between fields of research that inspire new innovation. Our growing programmes with industry, the NHS and the public sector inform our research. And unified support for state-of -the-art research skills and facilities drive new discoveries.

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Multidisciplinary research and innovation

Responsible AI UK

A multidisciplinary network of researchers, industry, policy makers, and...

Reimagining AI Futures

How can we democratise AI so it works for everyone? What are the hidden costs of the AI revolution? How should we regulate AI and how do we create AI that is safe and trusted from conception through to delivery? These are some of the questions tackled in a new video series by experts from the Department of Informatics, as we look to reimagine what different futures for AI might look like.

Reimagining AI Futures
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Research capabilities


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Strategy and coordination

Our Data Science AI and Society Board works with Faculties and King’s senior leadership to develop cohesive plans for growth in high quality, distinctive research and innovation, including developing external partnerships and funding plans; building capacity and capability across Faculties; and building connections and visibility internally and externally.

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Research training

Safe & Trusted AI

Training scientists and engineers to develop safe and trustworthy AI

Research Partnerships