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Muscle: Form and Function

The Muscle: Form and Function group is made up of biomedical scientists and physiologists whose research programmes range from cell and molecular biology and physiology to whole-body systems and integrative physiology. Focus is on striated (skeletal and cardiac) muscle with exercise, ageing and health as cross-cutting themes.

Research areas include:

  • Physiological cardiac remodelling to improve repair and regeneration.
  • The role of ageing in the regenerative capacity of the heart and skeletal muscle.
  • Congenital myopathies: From mutations to treatment.
  • Regulation of cardiac and skeletal muscle contractility by the thick filament in health, ageing and disease.
  • The effects of healthy ageing on muscle structure and function
  • The effects of critical illness on muscle
  • The interaction of exercise and nutrition in regulating skeletal muscle protein turnover.

Group leads

Steve Harridge 160x160

Professor Stephen Harridge

Professor of Human & Applied Physiology


Professor Georgina Ellison-Hughes

Professor of Regenerative Muscle Physiology