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My Brain, Emotions and Me (BE ME!)

What is BE ME?

BE ME! is an experimental branch of the research programme Regulating Emotions – Strengthening Adolescent Resilience (RE-STAR).

Our aim is to use experimental methods to explore the impact of school environments on the emotional responses of young people (with, or without neurodivergence like autism and/or ADHD).  We are especially interested in the brain mechanisms that underlie these emotional responses.

The primary aim of the study is to investigate the brain function markers of emotional responding as measured by electroencephalogram (EEG).

We hope our findings will contribute to the development of new ways to reduce the number and impact of upsetting events at school, improving the wellbeing of young people.

Participatory Research

Traditionally, experimental studies using EEG include young people only as research participants. We would like to go a step further and include young people in the planning and design of the project. Therefore, our studies have received input from members of our Youth Researcher Panel (Y-RP). One study was in fact designed by Y-RP members in collaboration with our researchers and received additional funding from the Participatory Research seed funding award from King’s College London. This study will be co-conducted as part of our piloting phase. One of our Youth Researchers, Maciej Matejko, has written a blog reflecting on the experience.  This poster describes the process of planning the research.

Interested in Participating?

Current Opportunity

Our pilot study is open to all young people aged 11-16 years who are attending mainstream secondary school. You do not need to have a diagnosis of autism and/or ADHD to take part - although we strongly encourage neurodivergent young people with autism and/or ADHD to get involved!

We are currently recruiting for our pilot study, which will be conducted in two stages. Participating young people can receive up to £35 for taking part: a £10 e-voucher for taking part in our Stage 1 pilot online, and a further £25 for taking part in the Stage 2 pilot at our research centre.

Please register your interest in the BE ME! study by emailing us at

Further information about the study is available below:

Stage 1 pilot:

Stage 2 pilot:

Stages of BE ME!


Meet the Team!

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Our researchers:

Dr Steve Lukito, KCL
Mx Eloise Funnell, KCL

Our Be Me! project leads:

Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke, KCL

The principal investigator for RE-STAR project is Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke and Dr Susie Chandler is our RE-STAR project manager. Dr Sylvan Baker is our Y-RP (Youth Researcher Panel) lead on RE-STAR, Jane Offerman is our administrator and Professor Daniel Stahl is our statistician.


More about RE-STAR

BE-ME! is part of a wider project called RE-STAR (Regulating Emotions - Strengthening Adolescent Resilience). To find out more, watch this video from our Principal Investigator, Prof Edmund Sonuga-Barke:

News & Events


Project status: Ongoing

Principal Investigator

Contact us

If you have any questions about BE ME! or RE-STAR, please email