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My Emotions and Me

This is an information page for families and schools interested in My Emotions and Me

We are particularly interested in how young people with ADHD and/or autistic traits talk and think about their emotions. In My Emotions and Me, we will be collecting ideas and descriptions through our qualitative interview study. We will then use these ideas and themes to develop a new self-report questionnaire for young people: the My Emotions in School Index (MESI)

Interested in taking part?

The study is open to all families with children aged 11-15 years, attending mainstream secondary school in the UK.  Click here and enter password ‘Happy’ to take part!  Participating families will receive up to £20 in online shopping vouchers.

The five phases of the study are illustrated below:

WP1 Infographic for Newsletter - MESI


The aim of this study is to understand and characterise emotion regulation in young people from the perspective of young people:

How do young people manage their emotions in the face of everyday stresses and hassles? 

Through My Emotions and Me, we will:

  • Work with the Youth Researcher and Advisory Panel (Y-RAP) using qualitative and machine learning approaches to characterise emotion regulation from the point of view of neurodiverse young people
    • Qualitative: Interviews with adolescents aged 11-16 - Georgia is our expert in this area
    • Machine learning: Natural Language Processing - Angus is our expert in this area
  • Co-develop, and validate, a new report measure for neurodivergent Young People – My Emotions in School Index (MESI)

Information for participants

For those interested in the development of our new measure:

For more information, email us at

Meet the Team!

Steve and Myrto will be working with you throughout My Emotions and Me, leading on interviewing the young people.  

My Emotions and Me Team

Our researchers:

Our My Emotions and Me project leads:

Dr Susie Chandler is our project manager, and Jane Offerman is our administrator. 

More about RE-STAR

My Emotions and Me is part of a wider project called RE-STAR (Regulating Emotions - Strengthening Adolescent Resilience). To find out more, watch this video from our principal investigator, Prof Edmund Sonuga-Barke:

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This research is funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC)

Project status: Ongoing

Principal Investigator

Contact us

If you have any questions about My Emotions and Me or RE-STAR, please be in touch with us via email: