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Exploring the awareness and attractiveness of Occupational Health (OH) careers: perspectives of trainee doctors, nurses, OH trainees, OH career leavers

Would you be interested in taking part in this study?

We are exploring the awareness and attractiveness of Occupational Health (OH) careers.

  • Are you a student doctor or nurse considering career options?
  • Are you a qualified doctor or nurse working in any specialty?
  • Are you a doctor or nurse currently undertaking OH training?
  • Have you recently retired or left the OH profession?

We would like to talk to different people about factors affecting career pathway decisions.

Interviews would last up to an hour and students/non-waged would receive a £20 voucher.

Please get in touch with researchers, Caroline Norrie 07778 455712 or Antonina Semkina 07857 846472 if you would like more information or to take part – |

—this call for participants posted 1 April 2023

More about this research


This study aims to investigate levels of awareness and attractiveness of occupational health (OH) careers from the perspective of medical and nursing students, doctors and nurses working in any speciality, individuals on OH training courses and OH career leavers. We are interested in identifying factors that influence how individuals choose OH careers compared to other specialisms.

Rationale for the study

OH professionals support faster returns to work and prevent ill-health related job loss, but numbers of OH staff are falling. Policy makers are interested in how to attract healthcare students to this career pathway.




NIHR Policy Research Programme


This study consists of: a rapid literature review, focus groups / interviews with undergraduate, postgraduate, OH trainees and career leavers.


A report will be produced for the Department of Health and Social Care and Department for Work and Pensions.

Outputs and Impact

Report and journal article to be produced. Findings should be of interest to policy makers considering options to assist recruitment to OH careers.

Project status: Ongoing