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Dr. Sangrithi is group leader at the Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at King’s College London

Our research focusses on sex chromosome functions in the germ line, and their role in infertility. We are fascinated to understand how the transcriptional identities of male and female germ cells are established during early embryonic development. Germ cell sexual dimorphism is fixed during genome wide epigenetic reprogramming, stemming from an interplay of cell autonomous and extrinsic cues. Our main goal in the group is to decipher regulatory networks that determine epigenetic states in germ cells, and to use this knowledge in new approaches for cell-based therapy / regenerative medicine. We study sex chromosome effects in germ cells and reproduction, using different model organisms, e.g. mouse, cynomolgus macaque and humans.

Our work is expected to have broader impact not only on sex-chromosome related infertility and aneuploidy syndromes, but also on fertility preservation of germ line stem cells in reproductive medicine, epigenetic inheritance and cancer.

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